Are Wine Aerators Worth The Money?

Tasting your wine the way it should taste requires the right tools. Some may say that wine aerators don’t work, but chances are, they have never tested one or even used one. Sometimes a wine drinker has one glass poured through an aerator and decided they don’t like it. This could be due to the fact that they are used to the flavor without the aerator.

With the right aeration, you actually get to taste your wine the way it is meant to taste. The tests have proven that using one of the best wine aerators can help you eliminate small pieces of cork; sediment and can make the wine taste proper. Exposing wine to oxygen before drinking it will make a big difference, but is an aerator worth your money?

What you Get with a Wine Aerator

With many different styles of aerators on the market made from metal, acrylic and glass, you will get a selection to choose from, but what do you really get? Wine aerators save you time and money in many different ways. The days of uncorking a bottle of wine, letting it sit out or pouring it in a decanter and waiting are over.

On average, if you pour wine into a decanter or just open the bottle to let it breathe, you will wait at least an hour to drink it at its best. That means if you want to time it with dinner, you better open the bottle before you even start cooking. Not only is this time you are wasting, but it is also inconvenient for those living a busy lifestyle.

With a wine aerator, you no longer have to wait to drink your wine. One style of aerator attaches to the bottle and allows you to pour right through it. This type of aerator will mix the air with the wine while you pour and you can drink the wine as soon as you pour it. This will save you time, which is just one of the many benefits.

Another major thing you get from a wine aerator, if you buy the right one, is that it will double as a stopper. This helps you store opened bottles of wine without worrying about the wine going bad. It doesn’t matter if you prefer white or red wine, if you open it and you don’t store it properly, you won’t like the taste of it after a few days. You can’t just re-cork the bottle and hope for the best.

Instead of throwing out a half bottle or even just one glass of wine because it went bad, you can get one of the better wine aerators that also doubles as a stopper for storage. This can save you money over time and this will help you buy more bottles of great wine. If you want the best out of your aerator make sure it works for more than just aeration.

There is one final way that using the right wine aerator can help you save money. Have you ever dripped wine onto your carpet, a nice tablecloth or even on your clothing? It can stain and ruin anything you get the wine on. Not to mention that every drop is a drop you don’t get to drink. With a wine aerator, you will save money, as long as it features a no drip pour.

How to Find the Best Wine Aerator for You

With many to choose from, there is an aerator out there for everybody. Whether you want one to use as you travel or a nice ornate one for home use, you can find exactly what you are after. They all come with their own features and you can get one that attaches to the bottle or another type that you pour the wine through into a decanter.

Either style will allow you to drink your wine as soon as it is poured. This saves you both time and money, not to mention they are not all that expensive. Take the time to read the reviews on this site before you make your final decision, and then choose the wine aerator that is best for you.

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