How Do Wine Aerators Work?

A wine aerator is a device that sits above a decanter or glass, allowing the maximum amount of air to flow through the liquid as it’s poured. In the past five years, many models of aerator have been introduced to the market, giving wine lovers a number of options for enjoying their younger wines by the glass, or by the bottle, hours earlier than they could with decanting alone.

Why aerate wine?

Most full-bodied reds require time to “breathe” in order for the flavors to mellow and blend for an ideal drinkable state. In fact, most wines under 15 years will benefit from aeration – this is why we often think the last glass out of a bottle tastes better than the first. Simply uncorking a bottle and allowing it to stand will not sufficiently aerate the wine – it needs more of the surface area of the wine exposed to get enough contact with air.

Do all wines need aeration?

Not all. The oldest and palest vintages should be enjoyed after only minutes out of the bottle – as they’ve reached their peak flavor in storage.

But, as most of us are not storing our wine bottles for years, or buying vintage cases at auction, our preferred brands will likely benefit from the use of an aerator or 30-90 minutes in a wide bottom decanter.

What kind of wine aerator should you buy?

That depends. Many models are for reds or whites only. Others have single uses, either by the glass or bottle. An ideal choice for wine lovers new to aeration is a multi-function aerator that can switch from bottle to glass.

Glass or Polycarbonate?

Several popular glass models are available on the market, but the lesser-known polycarbonate options are more practical in terms of longevity and functionality. The Wine Weaver is a fun, polycarbonate choice – it comes in a number of jewel tones and is engineered to allow maximum airflow by releasing the wine in small streams along the sides of the glass or decanter.

Prolong the Life of your Bottle

A word of caution: too much air can be a bad thing for your wine. Pair your wine aerator with a vacuum pump if you like enjoy the same bottle over several days. There’s nothing worse than having to throw out a half bottle of great wine that has been spoiled by resealing too much air in the bottle.

A great gift

Wine aerators are high on the must-have gift list for wine lovers for this Christmas. Give them as hostess gifts and you’ll be a big hit at this season’s holiday parties, where more than one great bottle of wine is sure to be served.

If you simply love a great glass of red wine, then take a look at the Wineweaver. With a combination of one complete breathing system and a beautiful, artistic design, this wine aerator brings the very best aroma, flavor, and character directly to your glass.

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